ShengShou Megaminx 3x3 Speed Cube - Black

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ShengShou Megaminx 3x3 Speed Cube - Black


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 ShengShou Dodecahedron Megaminx Features:

.Brand new Shengshou Megaminx Dodecahedron Rubik Cube

.Nice feel and compact design

.Unique dodecahedron structure, new challenge for Rubik cube players

.Compact and portable design for more convenient to carry, play it anywhere as you like

.Textured and durable stickers with bright colors highlight this cube

.Built-in adjustable spring

.Practice your brain and improve your memory

.Activate your imagination and creativity

.Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience

.Adds a lot of fun to your life

.Suitable for both kids and adults

.Great gift and collector item for Rubik lover

 ShengShou Dodecahedron Megaminx Specifications:

.Brand: Shengshou

.Color: Black

.Cube Size: 80*80*70mm

.Package Dimensions: 83*83*70mm

.Weight: 183g

 ShengShou Dodecahedron Megaminx Package Included:

1 x  ShengShou Dodecahedron Megaminx Puzzle Speed Cube


Review : 

I have been buying a variety of new cubes recently, but this Megaminx really stands out and is my new favorite puzzle. Out of the box this ShengShou Megaminx was amazing. It came out with a bunch of greasy lube on it, but it wipes off really easily with a paper towel and is ready to be turned right away.

As with most ShengShou Megaminx reviews that I have read, the tensions on each side are slightly different, and one side on my Megaminx was really tight and difficult to turn. In comparison, every other side just "wanted to turn" and felt like a speedcube. Tensioning the cube is an extremely easy and quick process. Simply pull out one edge piece of the side you want to tension, which allows you to pop off the center cap to reveal a screw. "Righty tighty, lefty loosey" to adjust the tensions to your liking and put the center cap right back on. The material this cube is made out of is extremely durable and there were no worries about breaking a piece while assembling or deassembling.

One nitpick I had was that one tiny corner of one sticker was slightly peeled. It was a little disappointing but it is barely noticeable and not noticeable at all when solving. The side that is peeling is, fortunately, one of the uglier, almost puke yellow, colors and I probably would have bought a replacement sticker for this side anyway.

Overall, this ShengShou Megaminx is an amazing product. Easy to learn, and has very smooth turning.


The Megaminx

The Megaminx (also called the Hungarian Supernova) was patented by Uwe Mèffert. It is a dodecahedron-shaped face-turning twisty puzzle and it’s very similar to the classic 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. The solution is almost the same, new algorithms come in just when you reach the last layer, so if you’re familiar with the classic Magic Cube then you can’t have problems with the Megaminx.

It has 12 different colors, on each face having 11 pieces in a star-pattern arrangement with five corner pieces, five edge pieces and a fixed center piece. In total it has 50 separate pieces (while the Rubik’s Cube has 20).


Start the online Megaminx simulator


If we say that the Megaminx is a 12-faced 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube then we can tell that the Gigaminx is similar to the 5x5x5 Rubik’s Professor’s Cube the Teraminx is like the V-Cube 7, and the Petaminx is the 9 layered version. An other interesting mod is the Holey Megaminx which has no center pieces just like the Void Cube, or the Flowerminx which has no center and edge pieces, just the corners.

Solution of the Megaminx

As I mentioned before, the Megaminx is similar to the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube so the solution is almost the same and not much harder. New algorithms come in when you reach the last layer. We can talk about parity only in the case of the 6 colored Megaminx where two edges can be swapped.

I assume you already know the solution of the Rubik’s Cube, because this method is based on that one. Begin to solve the Megaminx layer by layer just like a 3x3x3 and proceed until you reach the last layer. Maybe you will have problems with the edge pieces shown on step 3. on the picture. Use the algorithm if you get stuck.

The last layer of the Megaminx will be solved exactly in the same order like we did in the 3x3x3 solution. First orient the edge pieces (5.), then arrange them to the right spot (6.). After that put the corners to the right place (7.) and finally orient them the same way we did for the Rubik’s Cube.

There are many similar puzzles with different numbers of layers, most of which change the "mega" in the puzzle's name to another metric prefix. They are the Kilominx (2 layers), Master Kilominx (4 layers), Gigaminx (5 layers), Teraminx (7 layers), Petaminx (9 layers), Zetaminx (13 layers), and Yottaminx (15 layers). The highest order mass-produced variant of the Megaminx is the Petaminx, which was released by MF8, and the highest order variant of the Megaminx ever made to date is the Yottaminx, created by Matt Bahner using 3D printing. It is the dodecahedral equivalent to a 15x15x15 Rubik's cube.

Alexander's Star is equivalent to solving only the edges of a 6-color Megaminx.

The Impossiball is equivalent to solving only the corners of a Megaminx and is available with either six or twelve colors.

Tony Fisher has produced a shape mod of the Megaminx puzzle into a cube called the Hexaminx.Another variant is the Holey Megaminx, which has no center pieces, like the Void Cube. It is being produced by Mèffert as of July 2009.Other variants include the Flowerminx, Megaminx Ball, and Crazy Megaminx.

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