216Pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls Magnet Spheres - Sliver

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216Pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls Magnet Spheres - Sliver Expand


.Brand new 216Pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls Magnet Spheres

.Compact design and smooth feeling with magnetic balls

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Golden: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Golden_62993.html

Dark Black: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Dark-Black_64002.html

Light Black: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Light-Black_62995.html

White: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-White_62994.html

Rosy: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Rosy_64000.html

Blue: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Dark-Blue_62996.html

Orange: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Orange_64001.html

Green: http://lightake.com/p/216Pcs-5mm-Magnetic-Balls-Magnet-Spheres-Green_62999.html


216Pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls Magnet Spheres - White


.Brand new 216Pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls Magnet Spheres

.Compact design and smooth feeling with magnetic balls

.216Pcs magnetic balls with 5mm diameter

.Ultra strong magnet balls

.More than just a toy, you may use these balls to make jewelry or fun creations

.Capable of forming billions of models such as flowers, leaves, ball, pyramid, etc.

.Build anything which you can imagine, like 2-D or 3-D objects

.Create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns with these 216 balls

.Activate your imagination and creativity

.Great for releasing stress or pressure from daily life and improve your hand flexibility

.Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience

.Provide you with hours and hours of fun &; entertainment

.Play these magnet spheres with your friends and enjoy the happiness

.Perfect intelligence gift for you and for your friends

.Note: Keep out of reach from children, recommended age 13+


.Color: White

.Quantity: 216Pcs

.Diameter: 5mm

.Magnetic Ball Weight: 112.0g (216Pcs together)

.Package Weight: 144.0g

Package Included:

.216 × 5mm Magnetic Ball - White

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